XIII Международный Православный Сретенский Кинофестиваль «Встреча»

Regulations festival


The Sretenka Film Festival «Meeting» sets as the purpose display of a traditional orthodox way of life in modern conditions whereby motion picture art.

Objects of a festival are:


Venue: Obninsk ,Kaluga region.

Carrying out time: from February 2018.


The authors who are supporting the fundamental ideas of a film festival and having desire to promote realization of tasks of this project can participate in a film festival.

For participation in a festival it is necessary to present till
December 31, 2017 to the organizing committee the questionnaire application.


Competitive movies have to correspond to the central idea of a film festival and develop the religious and moral bases of society traditional for Orthodoxy.


The jury takes cognizance of the short and full-length movies, television movies of all genres (documentary, game, animation, information, advertising, scientific) corresponding to subject and problems of a film festival and created not earlier than 2016 in Russian (or with subtitles in Russian).

The number of movies isn't limited.

Movies are provided through cloudy storage or on laser disks in the DVD-video format or MP4 (in triplicate).

The movies sent after December 31, 2017, unfortunately, will be able to participate only in the subsequent XIV Film Festival «Meeting».

For out-of-competition display movies of festival subject are accepted irrespective of creation terms


A competition of movies is held in three rounds:

The first round – selection. It is carried out by members of the organizing committee from January 01 to January 31, 2018. the movies corresponding to the idea and the concept of the film festival, creation time, and also complying necessary technical requirements on quality of the image and a sound will be selected.

The second round – selection of works on the film festival nominations, is carried out by professional jury from February 1 to February 10, 2018.

The third round – is carried out by professional jury on open viewing in days of holding the Sretenka Film Festival with the assistance of the audience, guests and members of the media.


For assessment of competitive works the professional jury is created which consists of part representatives of clergy, film directors, film writers, film experts, sociologists, writers, journalists and public figures.



All traveling expenses are at the expense of the directing organizations to Moscow. The organizing committee undertakes cultural and educational leisure, food and accommodation of the participants who underwent the I selection round and received the special invitation.

The registration fee – 2000 rubles.

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